Permanent Tattoo Removal

No more unwanted Tattooes!

Tattoos have been a way of expression across allmost all cultures since a long time ago. Tattoes can be of  some patterns, symbols and even names. Getting a tattoo can be fun but there are times when you do regret after getting it. You may also want to remove the tattoo  because the tattoo has faded or blurred over the time. Infections or allergic reactions are also some other common reasons to opt for tattoo removal.

Does tattoo removal work?

Are you considering getting some ink removed from your body? There are several ways of tattoo removal:

Laser Removal 

Surgical Excision


Though tattoo removal is a lengthy and time consuming process, generally it works. But some tattoos are very much harder to remove. For example, the older tattoos as well as stick-and-poke tattoos are easier to remove than the newer ones.

Removal of larger and more colorful tattoos are typically more time-consuming and expensive than the smaller, lighter, and less colorful ones.

Tattoo removal can be more difficult in some cases due to the risk of side effects if you have:

  • Darker skin
  • A pre-existing skin condition like eczema
  • A health condition that affects the skin, such as herpes.

However, this doesn’t mean that the tattoo can’t be removed from the body if any of this applies to you. It just means that you may need to some expertised help and suggestion that we also offer.