Hair Treatments

You can have Beautiful Hairs too!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we can have beautiful hairs every day? Days are gone when we are worried about our dull look with dirty blonde and unhealthy hair.

Having beautiful and healthy hair is very easy if we know about it. All it takes is some sport nourished, flowing locks with the right knowledge of maintenance care combined with the right hair care products depending on our hair type. There are many types of treatment available in the pesent day that can be taken after having a consultation.

Before going to take and apply any treatment, doing hair analysis is very important and recommended. It may look similar types in common eyes but hair quality differs from person to person. 

Types of Treatment

Hair Transplant:

Hair transplant is a procedure in which to hair is restored within the areas of the scalp that are bald or that have thinning hair. This surgery involves removing of small pieces of hair-bearing scalp grafts from a donor site and then it is relocated to the specific bald or thinning area. The grafts created in this manner differ in various size and shape. Round-shaped punch grafts usually contain just about 10-15 hairs only. 

Generally, several surgical sessions may be required to perform to achieve satisfactory fullness and a healing interval of several months is usually recommended between each session. The amount of coverage we will need is partly dependent upon the color and texture of our hair. Coarse, gray or light-colored hair affords better coverage than fine and dark-colored hair.

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Hair Loss Treatment:

Almost all of us are worried about hair loss. Hair loss can happen for many reasons at any age in both males and females. Many people think that hair loss only affects men. Male pattern baldness which is  also known as androgenetic alopecia, is an inherited trait. However, it is also found  that more than 50% of women will experience noticeable hair loss. The most significant cause of hair loss in women is female-pattern hair loss (FPHL). This type is the most common. Hair thins over the top of the head and on the sides.

There are many treatments available for hair loss. We need a proper consultation before going for the treatment.

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Hair Fall Treatment:

Hair fall has multiple root causes. It is very important to stop the hair fall, hair thinning and bald patches at their early state, otherwise it may become our nightmare. If we want to improve the quality of our hair and want to keep our distance from harmful side effects caused by chemical solutions, we need to take the treatment without making any delay. 

And the treatment will vary from person to person depending on the hair fall causes as there are many treatments available in our present day.

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Low Level Laser Treatment:

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is a safe form of light or heat treatment for a variety of health indications. It is being used to treat the genetic forms of hair loss commonly in men and women for androgenetic alopecia or pattern balding.

Low level laser therapy is also called red light therapy, soft laser, cold laser therapy. Studies have shown that LLLT stimulated hair growth in alopecia areata. LLLT for hair growth in both men and women appears to be both safe and effective. The optimum wavelength, coherence and dosimetric parameters remain to be determined.

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Anti Dandruff Treatment:

Dandruff is a very common scalp condition among us in which small pieces of dry skin flake off from the scalp. The itching and flaking of dandruff can almost always be controlled. The most effective way to treat and control dandruff is to use dandruff control shampoo, brushing hair and scalp treatments.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment:

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has become a popular technique now a days to treat various types of alopecia. Two elements: Plasma (the liquid portion of blood) and Platelets (a type of blood cell) from our own blood is being used in this type of treatment.

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Hair Growth Factor Treatment:

Hair growth Factor Therapy is the latest modern technology to the list of treatments available in present days for both men and women in case of hair loss treatment.

Hair loss has become a common problem now-a-days that needs instant action to stop this loss. But, no need to worry anymore.

Hair can be reserved and regained quickly with the our own platelets and without any surgery with the help of lab made mixture of various growth factors and nutrients. This will help the scalp hair follicles gain strength resulting in regrowth and thickening of hair. Experts like us can help you to go for this treatment to have long and beautiful hair that you were dreaming for a long time.

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Mesotherapy Treatment:

Mesotherapy treatment is a non surgical cosmetic solution which can be used to alleviate a wide range of hair related problems. In this technique, micro injections of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and plant extracts are used to rejuvenate and tighten skin as well as to improve hair quality.

This technique is performed using a very small needle and not a uncomfortable process at all. The technique uses very fine needles to deliver a series of injections into the middle layer of our skin. The idea behind this is that it corrects the underlying issues like poor circulation and inflammation that causes skin damage.

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